Designer Collection

The ‘Graphic Designer’ Collection

For the Graphic Designer in your life.

These sleek and comfortable wireless headphones deliver premium sound wherever you go.

A designer’s best friend. Keep your Apple Pencil safe and accessible with this protective silicon stand.

Modern and durable protective case for your iPad. Prop up for a better view while drawing and designing.

Six-in-one charging docking station connects all your devices while charging your Apple Watch.

High-quality 3-in-1 charging cable combines USB-C and lighting connections to charge multiple devices at once.

This HUB connects to your external monitor while giving you more connections for all your devices.

The 'Graphic Designer' Collection

Curated gifts for the creatives in your life.

A stylish, yet durable, case for your iPhone. Protect from wear and tear while expressing your creativity.

Get power wherever you go. Connect your phone or tablet to get a re-charge without searching for an outlet.