On-the-Go Collection

The ‘On-The-Go’ Collection

Everywhere you go, Baseus goes with you.

Easily mount and secure your phone using your car’s air vent. The simple drop-in design allows for quick, easy access.

No matter how fast you run, these headphones will keep up with you. Delivering high-quality sound, they’re comfortable and stylish.

Simple, clean, elegant wireless charging for your phone and smart watch. You’ll feel the superior build quality and de-clutter your surface top.

Lay flat or stand up your phone while it’s charging. This wireless charger goes where you go and lets you keep your most valued device at arm’s reach.

For those long days on the road, this power bank gives you peace of mind while delivering 10000 mAh to charge your phone faster.

The slim, yet durable, thin case protects your phone without the bulk of other phone cases. This case is as sleek and stylish as you are.

The 'On-the-Go' Collection

Curated for those who live busy lives but don't want to compromise quality or style.

Portability and wellness come together with this slim waist humidifier. Use it to combat dry air at home or the office while also delivering the healing power of essential oils.

Incredible quality and unique design. These low-profile wireless headphones are perfect for taking calls or for playing your favorite tunes.