About Go Baseus

About The Baseus Brand

Baseus products are designed by a revolutionary R&D process that focuses primarily on the end-user experience. In fact Baseus symbolically means “Based On User”. The practicality of the products go hand in hand with their sophisticated design. Engineers have designed a complete line of technology products ranging from phone cases, mounts and holders, car chargers, cables, power banks, speakers and ear-phones, and they all come in a variety of options to meet your everyday needs.

Go Baseus is the official USA wholesale distributor of the Baseus brand and family of products. If you are a retailer (or e-tailer) and are looking to buy these high quality tech accessories at wholesale distributor pricing and are US based, Go Baseus is who you need to work with. We would love to talk to you. Please use the contact form to reach out to us for more information, or simply register and login as a new account and our account representatives will reach out to you about submitting some simple paperwork to get approved and receive the lowest wholesale pricing.

All Baseus wireless and wired products are highlighted with high end appeal, and use practical but high-tech features that simply solve problems for technology consumers.

The materials used are always chosen to perform, look and feel attractive. The Baseus brand name is quickly becoming known in the US and worldwide – and known for quality construction, innovative technology and highly styled designs.

Practical design: Anticipate the needs of customers with constantly evolving technology and deliver products to meet any changes.

Affordability: Competitive pricing provides a great value to our customers and having them come back for more.

High quality: The superior quality of the Baseus products not only makes them stylish but durable.

Above all else, Baseus products are Based On User experience.