Baseus Arc TG Film 0.3mm iPhone 7/8

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Baseus 0.3mm All-screen Arc-surface Anti-bluelight Tempered Glass Film For iP7/iP8 Black (SGAPIPH8P-KB01)

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  • Appearance. Made of a completely transparent material, this protective glass covers the entire front of the gadget, while repeating even the smallest contours of the iPhone. This not only simplifies the process of installing glass, but also does not change the sensitivity of the touch screen. The brightness and clarity also remain unchanged.

  • Guaranteed protection. For the production of Baseus 0.3mm All-screen Arc-surface Anti-bluelight Tempered Glass Filmhigh-strength glass material was used, which will reliably protect the equipment from scratches and other defects. At the same time, the glass has a small thickness and weight, which does not affect the comfort of using a smartphone. The protective glass has a structure of 6 layers, due to which high strength is achieved,

  • Additional features. The glass is treated with an oleophobic coating, which eliminates the likelihood of fingerprints appearing on it,

  • Glass thickness is only 0.3 millimeters,

  • The glass is very easy to install on the display, while it will not form air bubbles, which are so hard to get rid of,

  • Glass has a special coating, which also allows a lot of light to pass through, but at the same time reflects a significant part of the harmful blue rays that seriously affect the retina. Using anti-reflective glass will ease the strain on your eyes during night reading and will have a beneficial effect on your sleep.

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Weight 0.08 oz
Dimensions 4 × 0.18 × 8.25 in

Black, White


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