The below-listed states have indicated that this certificate is acceptable as a resale/exemption certificate for sales and use tax, subject to the notes on pages 2─4. The issuer and the recipient have the responsibility to determine the proper use of this certificate under applicable laws in each state, as these may change from time to time.

Issued to Seller: Baseus Accessories, LLC                                                                                                                                            

Address: 4340 Lyman Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026                                                                                              

I certify that: is engaged as a registered
Name of Firm (Buyer):

and is registered with the below-listed states and cities within which your firm would deliver purchases to us and that any such purchases are for wholesale, resale, or ingredients or components of a new product or service1 to be resold, leased, or rented in the normal course of business. We are in the business of wholesaling, retailing, manufacturing, leasing (renting) selling (California) the following:

Description of Business: Wireless Products and Services and/or OTHER:

General description of tangible property or taxable services to be purchased from the Seller: 


State State Registration, Seller’s Permit, or ID Number of Purchaser State State Registration, Seller’s Permit, or ID Number of Purchaser
AL1   MO16   
AR    NE17   
AZ   NV  
CA3   NJ  
CO   NM4,18  
CT   NC19   
DC   ND  
FL7   OH20  
GA   OK21   
HI4,9    PA22   
ID   RI23   
IL4,10    SC  
IA   SD24  
KS   TN  
KY11    TX25   
ME12    UT  
MD13    VT  
MI14    WA26   
MN15    WI27   


I further certify that if any property or service so purchased tax free is used or consumed as to make it subject to a Sales or Use Tax we will pay the tax due directly to the proper taxing authority when state law so provides or inform the Seller for added tax billing. This certificate shall be a part of each order that we may hereafter give to you, unless otherwise specified, and shall be valid until canceled by us in writing or revoked by thee city or state.

Under penalties of perjury, I swear or affirm that the information on this form is true and correct as to every material matter.


Date:May 29, 2020


Authorized Signature:

(Owner, Partner, or Corporate Officer, or other authorized signer)

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