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Baseus Compact Charger 3U 17W US

Baseus Compact Charger 3U 17W US


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Unleash the power of Baseus Compact Charger 3U - the ultimate solution for efficient and compact charging! With its innovative design and convenient features, this sleek wall charger is a game-changer.

With a power output of 17W, the Baseus Compact Charger 3U is your go-to device for swift and simultaneous charging of up to three devices. Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple chargers and embrace the simplicity of one compact solution.

Equipped with advanced technology, this charger ensures a safeguard against overcharging, providing a secure and reliable charging experience for all your devices. Charge with confidence, knowing that your gadgets are in good hands.

The Baseus Compact Charger 3U embodies the essence of mini and compact design. Its sleek profile allows for easy portability, making it the ideal travel companion or a discreet addition to any workspace. Experience the convenience of powerful charging without the bulk.

Upgrade your charging station with the Baseus Compact Charger 3U – where simplicity meets efficiency. Streamline your charging routine, power up three devices at once, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with advanced charging technology in a compact form.

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